AULA Hyperion Mechanical RGB Wired Keyboard, EN
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AULA Hyperion Mechanical RGB Wired Keyboard, EN
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Anti-ghosting All keys
Aukštis 4
Bruto svoris 1.1141
Connections USB
Embeeded battery No
Features Mechanical switches with noticeable tactile and audible feedback; Individually backlit RGB keys with dynamic lighting effects; Compact design maximizes desktop space for mouse movement; Long lasting double injection keys; Customisable backlight presets; Durable keys with 50 million keystroke life span; Gaming mode; Multimedia keys (accessed via the FN key); Metal body and raised keys; Anti-ghosting for all keys; Detachable palm rest
Foninis apšvietimas RGB, adjustable effects and intensity
Garantija 24
Gross depth (mm) 60.00
Gross depth master carton 404.00
Gross height (mm) 195.00
Gross height master carton 307
Gross width (mm) 390.00
Gross width master carton 325.00
Ilgis 36.5
Kabelio ilgis 1.8
Key actuation distance 1.8 mm
Key actuation force 50 g
Key life span 50 million
Key route 4.0 mm
Keys Mechanical
Keys feedback Audible and tactile
Keys No 87
Klaviatūros išdėstymas EN
Medžiaga Plastic
Net weight master carton 11.3
Neto svoris 0.8901
Packing quantity 10.00
Palette Qty 200.00
Paper/Pasteboard 208.00
Plastic (No PET) 16.00
Plotis 21.1
Spalva Black
Svoris 900
Tare weight (kg) 0.22
Tare weight master carton 11.9
Tipas Wired
Volume (m3) 0.00
WEE classification CL109:5:2017-04-01
WEEE tax Yes

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AULA Hyperion Mechanical RGB Wired Keyboard, EN

  • Gamintojas: Aula
  • Prekės kodas:509293
  • Prieinamumas:Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
  • 71.00€

Žymos: SI-2021RGB